Thursday, June 16, 2016

DecoArt Media Love.....

 Stop by the DecoArt Media Blog today HERE!!! 
I would love for you to see my "Freedom" Canvas.
I hope to inspire you to get your DecoArt Media products out and have some creative fun!!!
Hugs Pam
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  1. It's just soooo unique and I really love it Pam. I was rather disappointed when you covered up that luscious background but in the end - it's just lovely. I didn't get your link to DecoArt to go thru but of course - I knew how to get there - just FYI!!!! Hugs j.

    1. Thanks Joi for stopping today and letting me know about the link. Yes, I agree when you start building layers you sometimes lose where you began but it is so fun watching a canvas come to life.