Saturday, January 30, 2016

Home Sweet Home Recipe Box with Xyron

Recipe boxes are such a nice addition to your kitchen or to give as a gift.
Having family favorites are so wonderful. 
So keeping recipes fresh and clean are important and can easily be achieved by using the Xyron Creative Station with the Laminate Cartridge.
 Gather your paper, recipe box and paint together. 
Paint box and cut paper to sizes for outside of box.

Ink edges of all pattern paper, run through the Xyron Creative Station using the 9" Permanent Adhesive. Place on recipe box.
Cut strips to place on the recipe box. 
Place on recipe box.

 Decorate front with journal pieces from pattern paper.
 Decorate the top of recipe box with random letters, flowers and metal silverware.
Write recipes on card, run through the Xyron Creative Station using the Laminate Cartridge
   Repeat with all of your Family will love having them protected using the Laminate Cartridge.
So as we begin 2016 you will have time to gather some of your Family Favorites up and create a special recipe box for someone special using you Xyron Creative Station!!!!
Xyron Design Team
I’m so happy to be a Xyron Design Team Member and help promote their wonderful products. They so generously supply us with so many fabulous Sticker Maker, Adhesive Runners, Glue Sticks, Adhesive Stations to work with like those that I’m using today.
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