Friday, May 8, 2015

The NEW Creative Station from Xyron!!!!

 Introducing the new Creative Station from Xyron!!!! You are going to love the sleek new design of the Creative Station, along with  the capability of not only using one but two different size refills in one machine. YES!!!! You heard me right the NEW Creative Station is able to use both a 5" and 9" adhesive refill. The convenience of this is unbelievable especially if you like to take it to crops and other functions you are involved in.
 To change out the adhesive is so easy!!!! Open the lid and drop the shelf down it will expose the refill. (Here you see the 9" refill)
 To change the refill from the 9" to the 5", just pull it out by lifting the 9" adhesive cartridge straight up. Set it to one side.
Lift the green side panel up that is on the bottom of the machine that will allow it to hold the 5" cartridge, now slide the 5" refill into place. Shut the lid and you are ready to use the adhesive. 
Once you have run your pieces through the Xyron Creative Station you will see it has its own trimmer on the back for the convenience of cutting your piece from the machine. 
REMEMBER!!! That clean, slick and slender line from the Creative Station will also save shelf space and the handle always tucks nice and close to the side of the machine. The Creative Station is an amazing machine and to see more about it check out Beth Kingston's Xyron Creative Station Video. 
If you missed seeing my first project showing a step out tutorial using the NEW Creative Station, just click HERE to view it. So get ready to get yours because they will be available early summer. Hugs Pammejo

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