Monday, July 11, 2016

"True Chaos" Canvas with DecoArt Media

"True chaos comes from the garden of your soul...where wild flowers grow!"
I thought it was perfect for the summertime weather we have been having....
it makes my soul feel the chaos!
 I began my 8" x 8" canvas a good coating of White Gesso. 
Allow to dry.
 Do a wash of Yellow Oxide. 
Allow to dry. 
 Tear Vintage Silhouette Decoupage Paper. 
Apply Decoupage to the back of torn paper. 
Place on canvas.
Allow to dry.
 Do a wash of Yellow Green Light over top of prepared canvas. 
Allow to dry.
 Dry brush Colbalt Teal Hue to prepared canvas.
Allow to dry.
 Stipple Titanium White with stencil brush. 
Allow to dry.
 Mix Modeling Paste with Pyrolle Red. 
 Lay Whirlwind Stencil on top of prepared canvas. 
Add Titanium White Paint to leftover modeling paste mix. 
(This will lighten it up a shade)
Apply mix to top of stencil with palette knife. 
Allow to dry.
Lay Shedded Stencil to prepared canvas.
Repeat with modeling paste mix and palette knife. 
Allow to dry.
 Repeat with Shedded Stencil using Modeling Paste and palette knife. 
Allow to dry.
 Mix Pyrolle Red and White paint to achieve a light pink hue. 
Stipple with stencil brush over canvas. 
Allow to dry.
 Spatter with Carbon Black and old toothbrush. 
Allow to dry.
 Using a stylus...create dots using Yellow Oxide.
Allow to dry.
 Paint chipboard pieces with Yellow Green Light, Pyrrole Red, Raw Umber, Diarylide Yellow. 
Allow to dry.
 Shade and highlight chipboard with Diarylide Yellow, Viridian, Quinacridone Burnt Orange. 
Dot birds eye with Carbon Black.
Allow to dry.
 Do line work on chipboard leaf. 
Adhere to canvas. 
 Do line work to chipboard with pen. 
Adhere to canvas.
 Paint frame first with Titanium White.
 (Allowing to dry between each coat.)
Repeat with Yellow Oxide...
Next with Yellow Green Light...
Last with Colbalt Teal Hue. 
Spatter with Carbon Black and old tooth brush.
Adhere frame to canvas.  
Paint "Chaos" to frame with Carbon Black.
Paint sentiment on canvas with Carbon Black. 
Allow to dry. 
 Add line work to "Chaos" frame with pen.
I hope you have enjoyed my "Chaos Frame" using DecoArt Media Paints 
along with Andy Skinner Stencils.
Until we meet again...
"May Your Wild Flowers Grow In Your Soul". 
Hugs Pam

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