Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Dear Santa....I Can Explain!!!!

It is almost Christmas!!!
AND  at the moment ALL I HEAR is I CAN EXPLAIN!!!!
So why not have it on a sign!!!!
 Begin by painting a 4 1/2" x 11" board with DecoArt Media Cerulean Blue. 
Allow to dry completely.
 Dry brush over the dry board with DecoArt Media Colbalt Teal Hue.
Allow to dry completely.
 Dry brush DecoArt Media Blue Green Light over the top. 
Allow to dry completely.
 Dry brush DecoArt Media Titanium White Paint over top of prepared board. 
Allow to dry completely.
 Apply DecoArt Media Titanium White paint on to top of snowflake stamp.
Stamp prepared board.
Reapply paint to stamp each time with paint prior to stamping board for a deeper stamp image.
Allow to dry completely.
 Shade edges of prepared board with DecoArt Cerulean Blue. 
Allow to dry completely.
 Paint words to top of prepared board using DecoArt Titanium White with a round brush.
Do line work on the words using DecoArt Titanium White liner brush.
 Apply DecoArt SnowTex with palette knife.
Allow to dry completely.
 Add wire hanger to top of prepared board.
 Decorate with floral leaves, pinecones and red bird on top of board using hot glue gun.
Place bows on top of Dear Santa Broad. 
Apply DecoArt SnowTex randomly on floral leaves, pinecones and bird.
Allow to dry completely.
 I hope you have enjoyed my simple but yet fun Dear Santa .... I Can Explain Board!!!!
So if you are hearing this from your friends and love ons...
grab your DecoArt Media paint and make yourself a sign!!! 
I am so excited you stop by today.
Have a wonderful holiday season and Merry Christmas!!!
Snowflake Stamp
Brown Twine
Floral leaves, pinecones, and bird
Hot Glue Gun

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