Monday, January 31, 2011

Lots of News Today-Published and a new Winner

I randomly saw Ready Set Create Magazine online one night online, after viewing their blog and seen they were having a call for different areas of work, I decided to submit 3 projects in the different categories. Ready Set Create Magazine published all 3 projects that I submitted. How cool is that. I have a card, a layout and an altered Valentine Frame.
I told my friend Christine from Scrapbooking Techniques and suggested she look it to it also and guess what she has a layout in the same issue. The Ready Set Create Magazine is available for purchase online so please check it out.
I made this card awhile back and I think the sentiment is perfect to send to my new friend Anne that participated in the radom giveaway that I did the other day.
Just thought this card was just a fun card to share and hope you like it.
Here is what Anna won, 13 plus yards of ribbon and small plastic bags to store them in. I am sending her a favorite of ribbon so she can start her ribbon storage. Anna was #4 of the 4 entries. Anna said.... Super idea on organizing your ribbon. Congrats to the winner! Well guess what you are the winner!!!! Here is a reminder of how I store my ribbon and you can see more information about it on a previous posting.
Thank you to all that participated in the giveaway and that come and visit my blog.
Make sure to leave a comment and let me know if you are a follower, you never know when I will do a random giveaway.


  1. Pam thank you so much!!! Such a surprise. and such fun!!! Thank you again so much. Love it!!!

  2. I store my ribbons and trims similarly, and love it. the cases I keep it in have divided compartments which is also nice as I can store matching baggies of buttons, etc all in the same case.
    Congrats Anna!

  3. Pam I received the ribbon and WOW Love them. Great colors. Thank you so so much.