Wednesday, January 19, 2011

I Just Recieved the "Stylish Blogger Award"!!!!!

I was humble and extremely honored to recieve the "Stylish Blogger Award" from Lisa. I have only had my blog online for a year and a couple of months, so for another blogger to like my stuff is quite humbling. Please make sure to visit Lisa at Lisa Creative Niche I know that she would love to have you stop by.
As a recipient of this award I have to tell 8 things about myself and then pass the award on to eight other blogs that you find very "stylish"!
1. I am an artist: I love scrapbooking but I have several venues that I love to creat in: painting, sewing, I love floral designing, photography and my list can go on and on and on...
2. I am a wife, mother and grandmother. I married my high school sweetheart and 37 years later I still look at him an think this is my "sweetheart". I am so thankful that our children can see that in our relationship.
3. I am addicted to chocolate. I love all things chocolate. White, milk, dark it doesn't matter as long as it is chocolate.
4. I love to travel, all I have to be told is we are leaving and I have my toothbrush and camera in hand along with a few of my scrapbooking supplies, which is alot,since we travel in our RV.
5. I have a little yorkie "Charlie", I can't say enough about Charlie, but usually all I say is Charlie, Charlie, Charlie. If you aren't getting it, he is always getting into something and to help him out he has his partner in crime "Gracie" a tabby cat. So now as an empty nester they keep me busy. I must say they enjoy my scrapbooking because if I drop something they take off with it and we spend the day chasing after each other.
6. I love my job but who wouldn't I get to play with paper and stickers everyday, not just at home but also at my job. Yippee!!!
7. I am getting published this year that has been most exciting. I will have a layout in the Spring issue of Scrapbooking and Beyond magazine, please feel free to get a copy. My layout is title "Simple Times". I am also going to have projects in the Ready, Set, Create magazine, it is an online magazine. Would love for you to get a copy of that also.
8. Love pink, actually got a pink blue tooth this evening as a gift from my sweetheart. It matches the sleeve to my I Phone. I have a Pink Cricut Expression that I got for my birthday and I have a black and pink bicycle that super sweet, it has a basket and a cute little bell.
This tells you a little bit about me and oh my closest friends call me Pammejo, it has been a nickname for many, many years now. So if you are visiting my blog feel free to refer to me that way because in the world of blogging we are all friends.
Now I am suppose to select 8 blogs to pass this award on to.... so here are my picks and they are most difficult to choose since I would love to give out more than 8.
1. Heartstrings
2. Scrapbooking Techniques
3. Stinky Dog Designs
4. Mandie's Scrappin'
5. 365 Days of Cricut
6. Paper Patch Crafts
7. Scrapbooking For Fun
8. Fancy With Nancy
Thank you again Lisa from Lisa's Creative Niche for picking me, I am thrilled.
Please check out their blogs, you will be overwhelmed by such an amazing projects, ideas and tutorial. Oh and you may just stubble accross some blog candy. Happy Crafting


  1. Pam, You really do have a stylish blog! and a stylish style too! I love your work and am honored you picked me to pass along the award to.. Thank you!