Monday, May 3, 2010

"Mothers Day"

Happy Mothers Day, this is my precious mom Eula. I miss her terribly, can't even begin to tell you how much I love her and all that she meant in my life. My mom, my friend, a jewel in my eyes. Hard to believe that I am as mischievous as she was.
My precious mother-in-law Katie, I miss her also. I remember when Calvin and I got married we were 18 and our marriage was definitely not something that was in the picture, but as ornery as we were are we went for it and 37 years later here we are still together and still married. Love my mother-in-law and miss her terrible, she definitely was one of the most mischievous and ornery ladies that I knew.
This is my sweet Sarah and her little girl Annie, the next generation of onery and mischievous women. Look out guys!!!! I love Sarah and am so thankful for her in my life, thankful for God giving me such a wonderful daughter and friend. Thankful that she always understood the difference between the two and still does. Couldn't have asked for a more precious daughter.
Speaking of precious. Look at these two beauties. Michelle is my daughter in law and my darling granddaughter Autumn. Now if you want to talk about mischevious and ornery Michelle has taught me tricks that I never knew so I am confident that Autumn will get an A+ in this class.

I am so thankful for these two woman and to Vera (Michelles) mom. I am thankful that Vera and I raised daughters from the influence of our mothers that taught the importance of always being a lady. To walk, dress, act, behave always like someone that a man would be proud to take home to "momma". You can be ornery and mischevious but remember there is a limit even to that and I trust these young moms and ladies will teach it to the next generation.

It is precious to here them talk to my granddaughters about how to dress, manners, etc. To hope in the future that they will continue to be strong as the girls grow and when they want to be their friends that it is a fine line, to always be their mom first and their friend second. To make sure they understand that they do not belong to this world but are sojourning through, so they don't have to dress or act like everyone else. That they don't have to show their breast and butt to get attention but that they have confindence in themselves just like we were taught. Don't make this mistake and lead their daughter right down the wrong path. Always to look to God for strength and know that He is watching over us/them always.

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