Thursday, February 3, 2011

"Black Widow-AKA: Slow Cart"

Did this layout using the Little Yellow Bicycle Generation Z line. It is so hard to find papers that you can use for boys and men so I was so excited to find this line to work with. Grandpa and the boys worked in the garage one day building the "Slow Cart" to play on, needless to say it was an enjoyable afternoon of cutting and sawing. The boys would take turns pushing each other down the slight hill we had in front of our home, they had to guide the cart with the rope in the front and stop it with their feet.

The boys got it figured out real quick and had an awesome time playing on the Slow Cart which they decided to name the "Black Widow". Travis decided that he was going to try it out and you can see from the look on his face that he wish he had worn his shoes the only way to stop it for him was to hit the fire hydrant in front of the house. He put on quite a show for us and we had a great laugh at his expense.


  1. Fantastic job on the layout!!!

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  2. I like how this scrap page doesn't look cluttered. It's a great guys page. Super cute!

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