Saturday, April 12, 2014

Introducting the New Cardabilities Design Team!!!!!

Announcing the New Cardabilities Design Team I am excited to share I made the Cardabilities Design Team and am thrilled to working with such a fabulous selection of designers. Make sure to check out Cardabilities and participate in the sketch challenges, it will be a lot of fun. So I home you take time to check out the Cardabilities Blog and the team. Hugs Pammejo

New Cardabilites Designers:
Pam Bray
Agnieszka Szyszlowska  
Gracie CH Henryka Kcz
Olga Koshtura-Gurtovyay 
Jody Rogers
Anna Srebrnolistka Vahovitz 
Ewa Mrozinska Teresa Horner
Ilona Zbeig
Olga Kovalchuk
  • Sara Castelo de Carvalho  
  • Vicki Dutcher
  • Michelle Frisby
  • Monika Jabubowska