Sunday, December 5, 2010

SEI Winter Song/SRM Sticker Countdown to Christmas

This is one of my unfinished projects from last year. I sure hope I am not the only one with several projects laying around. I thought I would get it finished and uploaded before the month of December got away from me.

First I cut several small squares measuring 1 1/2" x 2 ", decorated them and then I used my Bind It all for all of my holes.

My stand is made from Chipboard. I cut two pieces to measure 7" x 6 and one piece to measure 2" x 6 (this is your bottom piece). Cut two pieces of cardstock 8 1/2" x 6", score the 8 1/2" length at the 2" on your scoreboard. Glue the one large piece of chipboard on and also the 2" piece of chipboard where you just folded it. Now do you second piece only this time when you do the glue to the 2" piece do it on the opposite site. Here is your stand. Do you bind it all holes, added you decorated number pieces and then squeeze it together. I covered the front of my project with SEI Winter Song Flurry Kissespaper.

Here is one look at the dimensional view of the project. I added buttons, 5/8" circles, fussy cut some of the holly leaves from the SEI Winter Song Sweet Holly strip sheet, added some gemstones for the holly berries and eyes of my snowman. I also did a little chalk for the rouge of the snowman's cheeks, Copic marker his nose and outlined it and his mouth with my black zig pen. I add a paper bow to the neck and ribbon for the scraf tie.

Here is a closer look at the SRM Sticker that I used on my fence that I added to the bottom of my project. I can always count on SRM stickers to finish dressing my projects up.

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  1. Too cute! and your tags are coming along just beautiful! Can't wait to work on mine today!
    ...and I think that I have as many unfinished projects as I have stuff!