Friday, January 10, 2020

Rock Candy Love with Wendy Basarab!

Rock Candy Love!!!!
Do you ever just surf the Facebook groups you are connected to!
Come on be honest, lol, I Do!!!
I was so blessed to see a beautiful card created by Wendy Basarab on the Emerald Creek Creative Inspiration Group using "MY" Rock Candy Embossing Powder!
All I could say is WOOZER!!!
Of course I contacted Wendy to see if she would allow me to share her beautiful Love Card!!
Can you believe it is created using FOUR colors of Rock Candy Embossing Powder!

I asked Wendy if she would also send a quick how to on her process...
Here is Wendy's tutorial..

"I made this card with Pam Bray’s Rock Candy embossing powers.  I started with the very back piece on white card stock and embossed entirely with Licorice Rock candy.  I then die cut the floral piece and embossed with Berry Mojito Rock Candy and sprinkled Peppermint on spots.  Loved the effect.  For the word Love I embossed in Peppermint and the butterfly in Marshmallow." Wendy


All I can say is "LOVE"!!!! 
Thank you Wendy for sharing your beautiful work on the Emerald Creek Creative Inspiration Group. I wish I could share that Wendy has a blog but she doesn't....
Join in on the fun, see beautiful projects, tutorials, inspirations and make new friends!

Make sure to check out "MY" Rock Candy Embossing Powder and stamps....

7 new colors of Rock Candy Embossing Powder are coming soon, so make sure to ask you local craft stores to order it in!!!
Thanks again Wendy Basarab for working with "MY"  Rock Candy Embossing Powder!
I look forward to seeing more of your work and love making a new friend. 
Enjoy! Pam

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