Wednesday, August 29, 2012

The Love of Family with My Minds Eye

I went to CKC this last weekend with a good friend. We took a wonderful My Minds Eye Class together with a great institutor. This is the fabulous layout with made in class. I just had to share it with you because it is so pretty.
 This layout though is the one I created to go along with it, I think it turned out pretty fabulous myself. :) I bought the companion papers to go along with the 4 layouts we did but of course I have to take my own spin on the projects. BUT this was my favorite part ,,,,,,
CREPE FLOWERS!!!!! Isn't it beautiful. You have to use a Gluber or a really large pop dot, cut you a 1/2" strip of crepe paper, stretch it out and start going around the outside of the gluber/large glue dots. Once you have this done, ink it, wrinkle it and spray it with your favorite glitter mist. Allow it to dry and then apply it to your project. FABULOUS!!!! is all I can say. Try it and don't hesitate to ask me any questions if you can't figure it out. Hugs Pammejo


  1. Beautiful layout, Pam. What color was the crepe paper before spraying, and is it just regular crepe from craft store?

  2. Beautiful those colors and the crepe flowers are gorgeous...a must try..I am slow to understand..half inch of crepe paper is very little..don't have any right now want to you mean one to two inch? Sorry guess I can just try once I get some..They are just absolutely lovely with the texture look.

    1. Cut your crepe paper into 1/2" x 16" strips and then just start from the outside of the gluber/large glue dot and attach it by going around the outside and working toward the center, you may have to have two strips. Also, you can make the strips as wide and as long as you think you need them to be. I hope this helps.