Thursday, August 4, 2011

A Happy Family Journal

I love this time of year.... it is time to buy school supplies and with it you get great buys on Composition Books - of course I had to buy just a few. I took one of these fabulous books, covered and decorated it with the Blissful Collection from Authentique Papers but every book should have some kind of purpose, mine will be a book of my families favorite things. I started with our oldest son and his family while we were on vacation and ask did interviews with him, his darling wife, and our 3 grandchildren's. I ask them all question like...what is your favorite song, movie, book, game, who is your best friend, what is your favorite color and the list was just random asking but as they answered I just kept writing. In my journal I am going to place some reprints of my favorite photos of each of them and of course I will add the list of each of their favorite things.

Did you notice the large round flower, it has been awhile since I shared this technique with you so I thought I would go through it again today. First, you start by tearing a circle the size you will will need. Remember you can make them as big or as small as you like, I have two different sizes on the front of my book.

Second, you will tear the circle to form a spiral and last take a pair of tweezers and roll it around a pair of tweezers. Carefully take the circle off the tweezers and glue it to the center of the circle bottom and just like that you have a beautiful flower made.

Once I had "A happy family is but an earlier Heaven" glued into place I added my spiral flowers to the front of the book. Did you notice the white lace ribbon, make sure to place it down first and your black gathered twill before you glue these flowers down. I then added my Prima Say It with Crystal gemstones, Nostalgic Clear Buttons, fussy cut flowers and Birdcage to the form the collage to the left of the journal block.

I added some more fussy cut flowers to the lower right corner along with a small bird that came with the birdcage.

Here is a side view of the book, it has tabs that I took from the Excerpts sheet to create them. I plan to use my book over the next 5 years, doing the interviews over the summer months when we are with each of them.
I hope you enjoyed my journal and have fun with the idea that I have shared, what a fun what to look back and see what what their likes were when they are 20 or so years old.


  1. I love it!! amazing!! Love how you made the flower.

  2. First off - love this line of Authentique paper! And your example on how to make this flower is adorable. Thank you for sharing.