Monday, March 8, 2010

"Make Sure To Get Two Friends"

I am so excited I got "Certified in Copic Markers" this weekend. I fell in love with the markers when I taught my first class. So I started buying them two at a time in the same color palette. I had six when my best bud "Patty" bought me a dozen for my birthday. She is the "BESTEST". So I started playing with them and the more I used them the more I found uses for them.
One day when I was blogging I seen on one of the blogs that Copic was going to have a certification class, so you got it I signed up. If you ever get a chance to take a class with Sally Lynn MacDonald she is just great. So very knowledgeable and informative. I glean so much in techniques from her I think my head will be swimming for days if not weeks. Also, if you have never tried a Copic marker you need to, I can assure you when you do no other marker will look the same.
One last thing - always buy your markers in threes: we were told buy your favorite color and than buy two friend one for each side of the favorite and at least 2 color difference in the numbers. For instance my favorite might be B14, I would then buy a B12 and B16. Remember though to always enjoy stamping.


  1. Congradulations! on getting certified

  2. Wowsers have you been busy!!! FANTASTIC and Congrats!!

  3. I have one of those pieces of papers too!

  4. I know you got yours before I got mine.

  5. Ah, but is your paper maroon or the new PURPLE. LOL. Love ya, girlie!

    Sally Lynn MacDonald

  6. oh...I am hoping I can get in on the certification here in Boise. Right now it is only open to store owners and such.

    Do you get the opportunity to teach now?