Monday, February 8, 2010

"My Scrapping Room"

I always have friends ask if I have a scrap room and I am very fortunate to have one at the moment. I love it. It's where I can keep all my "special stuff" and I am able to keep everything clean and organized. It is nice because I also have a scrap cabinet that is totally unorganized. I have it in the corner of our living room so I can watch TV with my family in the evening and in the winter it is real cozy to have it next to our fireplace. I find it challenging at times to keep everything in its place with as much room as I have to work in.

I love that I have a nice counter that my Cricuit can be use on and a place to store my sewing machine. If you haven't started sewing on your paper creations it is time to start; you can created a great look in a little bit of time with a decorative stitch. I got my black table at a flea market this summer. It is really cool; it has sheep, houses and willow trees painted on it. Great place to scrap when you have friends come over. On my desk I got this great cabinet at "Achievers". Love, Love it!! The cabinet has all kinds of nooks and spots to put more stuff.

The closet is full of finished albums on the shelf and has a place that I still keep my tole painting books and some of my supplies for that. I use my painting books now for paper piecing. Great way to make embellishments for your scrapbook pages and cards. On one wall inside the closet there is peg board and shelves. Comes in handy for tools that you don't use very often but just knew you had to have when you purchased them. Which I am sure you all have in your closets also. Hate to say it but it also has a lot of shelving in it for books, photos and lots of other goodies.

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